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  • Sujith Kumar

Journey with my Crystal skulls

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I have been reading and working on crystal skulls for quite a long time. and i was amazed to know about these lovely beings having so much amazing healing vibes around that makes us feel and understand and helps us in our self realization. well when i say self realization it means that its more about us to love our self to focus on our positive side and help us to create happiness with the positive abilities we already have with us.

I wont tell it will be a easy journey but rather tell its a exciting and adventurous journey..

most people ask me whats the difference between crystals and crystal skulls why a face in a crystal. well i have some answers with me but if you ask me thats all well... I would tell that what I was capable to know and am looking forward to know more about them with my work and research with these lovely beings of light. Crystals are crystalline structures from mother earth as we all know mother earth provides us with unlimited energies for us to carry on withing our planet and crystal has its own high frequency vibrations and also helps us in different ways. crystal skulls are skulls made of different crystals and its the shape each crystal skull helps to carry different energy vibrations from the universe. its same like our brains and our skull structures if our head helps to get the universal life force inside us and activates its the same with the skulls when activated they get their own consciousness and it depends on their crystalline vibrations they get connected to different beings of the light which they can get connected with their vibrations. so that means if we work with them a lot they understand us and we also can understand them and these beautiful skulls help us to gain more information's about the universe in a adventurous way...

I would love to know and discuss about them with the info i have and would love to get your views and thoughts regarding them and discuss about it.

angel blessings....

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