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Aham Brahmasmi.. I am Universal Consciousness - Part 1

Aham Brahmasmi I have heard and read about the meaning in different ways and it all has interested me to understand more about it more higher way of interpreting or understand about it.

The word says I AM THE SUPREME SELF.. there are lots of ways many spiritual conscious minded people have described in beautiful ways starting from Vedas Upanishads and Purana's.

This the meaning I see from my consciousness and I would like to write about it part by part. For me Aham Bhrahmasmi means..


PART - 1

I always believe I am the god of my universe. which is my universe my universe is me it contains physical body inner soul with consciousness that allows me to think and interact with the matter and the spiritual planes and other unseen spiritual dimensions.

My universe contains both negative and positive thoughts as the surrounding changes it consists of lots of emotions love lust greed etc both good and hurtful.

Does my universe as called body matter similar to our universe that we see like stars and galaxies does it have a relation.

We all know we are connected to a higher level of advanced consciousness.

If we take our body as universe and if i say I am the god of my universe which consists of organs, DNA, cells, microorganisms etc each part of our body plays a definite role so that the whole structure works it has its own structured law that has to be followed or else it collapse.

We have to have food from our mouth we cannot have from any other parts. Our brains don’t do digestion but our digestion happens only in our stomach and intestines. That’s how it has been structured each cells have a define role to play for the body to be healthy. Basically if you need to walk or run your conscious mind tells your body to move from point A to B each cells do the necessary role so that the body can move.

My point is what if our universe consists star galaxies planets is another matter of a universal body that’s living in a universe like us who has the same emotions we have in a different perspective in a different atmosphere.

What if our solar system which contains sun and planets is a cell of that universal body same our human cells

That’s how our human cells look like for each part it differs you can see a cell have different microorganisms that’s helping for that cell to sustain. Each have their own activity to do they are all around the nucleus each of them have a certain task to do and what if the microorganisms present feels this cell is their universe

In our solar system if the multi universe beings cell is the sun as the nucleus, and suppose planets are the microorganisms that’s rotating and giving a sort of energy to the whole cellular system for the multi universal being. the sun also could be the center of the galaxy.

What if the multi universe is talking to us through his consciousnesses through messages of emotions like we in our human body sent message of sorrow we cry happiness we laugh it works out when the whole system works together.

We never look at one cell and see and ask are u doing oke we don’t understand that micro level we look as a whole as our body we do not know what’s going on inn a cell in deeper level its so small that we just know it’s there.

We only notice when we have a pain a scar that’s makes a difference in our Body uncomfortable to move or pain we know there is something wrong which has to be looked carefully. This happens when a cell or an organ doesn’t do its normal job and it affects the surrounding cells this happen may be due to negative emotion or an different negative organisms that dint belong there had entered to the space and made a change in the system.

What do we do we treat it with medicines in all types let it be healing or chemicals or radiations or herbal some times the cells get better when the negative pattern is removed and it gets back to the original programming. Now what happens it doesn’t heal and its starts destroying the surrounding the damages get more and the only way to rectify is removal and we have seen this specially in cancer when cancer starts to affect the surrounding cells we give time to heal in different ways and if in the given time it doesn’t heal the option is to remove if removed in early stage its safe if not its a risk for the whole body itself.

The universe has its own conscious body in a way we wont understand because our brains do not have the capacity to understand in a matter way like we don’t understand the microorganism of our cells and they don’t understand us as humans as their brain capacity to understand is very difficult but we can send messages through our conscious mind we hear miracles people who have healed them self how did they do is their positive message to the body to heal and break the negative influence.

Now i am taking this into a bigger picture in our solar system we have plants animals humans other beings etc and every living organisms which creates energy lives that includes also elements matter seen and unseen all have a different and we depend on each other to survive.

If you look in earth we have millions of universes different types of people on both sides positive and negative light and dark we all mingle each other to survive for a purpose.

Same wise we need to understand we still don’t know our sun is the nucleolus of which universal being in that multi universe.

We all are connected not through matter but only through our mind consciousness. Our multi universal being would have had a bad time and a good time same like us a positive mind and a negative time that has impacted the universe as we see and that has created dark and light. Each time we invent something it could be to improve the strength for a mission that our universal being to achieve his goals.

As our body has a system the multi universal body also has a system called universal law. If we do not work as per it they could be a moment of weakness. There will be a time limit to remove the weakness from the multi universal being.

The new awareness that we get through energies or awakening is a medicine that the multi universal being is trying to help us to accelerate in a given time period.

This medicine in our terms is called love and forgiveness. If we don’t improve some day we gonna be removed from the system and we don not know were we will fall more lower its same like if a dead cancer cell is removed where does it go its gonna be the same.

We are the god creator of our body if you want to know about our universe its inside you you just need to expand your conscious mind and feel how our universe works. and put it out as a bigger picture all the answers can be seen.

I will be back with my part 2 with more detail with our chakras dimensions connecting to our universe.

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