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  • Sujith Kumar

Crystals - Lovely beings of Light

When I think to write about crystals there is no end to it. I have a very lovely relationship with them.. they are magical.. so magical that you can see it, feel it and know about them. They are the knowledge carriers of the universe or knowledge carriers of the other dimensions.

My knowledge about crystals just came like a wind from its own direction and i don't know how i got attracted to know about them feel them and collect them and had the patience to gain knowledge from them. once you become attached then I feel there is no going back it just keep coming and coming into your life.

I have a room of crystals and for me when I enter the room I just feel I am in a space ship their energies are so lovely and healing.

Crystals are being of light. when I say light yea I can say they are purely connected to the divine and they will help you to connect your consciousness to the network of universal energy. which is limitless and never-ending so it seems you won't get bored.

This Blog is my experience with crystals. I started my crystal journey with a pendant labradorite she was so beautiful i love the blue fire inside her. she was with me for quite long time i felt there was someone always guiding me even though I was not into deep crystal believer and i didn't know anything about energy. the attraction for me was its beauty and I wanted to know more about them my research started with online data on crystals and slowly slowly unknowingly i started to know then.. well it's the other way I always knew about them it was just i needed to work with them and explore them in depth.

I have heard lots of experience with people who owns crystals here are some of my Experience

Crystals Attune you to higher consciousness - I never can forget this experience because of two reasons one it came unexpected and second I never had it again. I had a new crystal quartz which i got from bidding and I was new to crystal world I even dint know whether it was original or not when I first saw the crystal it looked like crystal and something in my mind said well its glass so I never used to see it as a crystal point of view until once one of my friend said the quartz had a very powerful energy. So i decided to meditate with it and feel the energies. I used to keep in my pocket even i go to work used to meditate with it and months passed. I had to go for a official trip and i carried my crystal too with me. it was evening I was in my hotel and I was having a nice feeling to meditate and this time I wanted to keep the crystal on my head and meditate and i started to meditate with the crystal on my head. after sometime I started a strange feeling in my head and it started with a hole I could feel a hole in center of my head a void and later i felt my head was splited into many pieces and there was this energy or vibration just flowing in. i was freaking out inside me because I was not feeling my head on my body at the same time the feeling of the vibration was so strong and it was a lovely feeling that i wanted to continue and don't wanna come out, both the thoughts was going parallelly both the fear and the love to be there. It was the awesome thing or the coolest feeling I ever had in my life. I could feel I was connected to such a higher level which cannot be explained. it was just for few mins and I felt I was very much feeling more freaked out that i need to open my eyes and touch my head. yeah i did opened my eyes and I found my head is still there. I would never forget that magical moment. I have transed into much deeper level but I never had got that back that was purely divine. And that was the start which my way of my thinking totally changed. TO THINK UNIVERSALLY.

Crystals too need a vacation. Well they don't ask you when they need vacation they just disappear at some point and appear in front of you.. yea quite interesting in my first days I always carry crystals in my pocket and once I was in official tour and it was morning before I went to take bath I had kept my crystal in the bed after the bath I came and I could not find it i checked the whole room I was staying in my friends place so I told him there is a small crystal missing if you get it keep it with you and i left the country. After two weeks it was a working day and I went to bath came out and i see the same crystal lying in the bed from nowhere... it's something unexplainable where it went and how it got back in front of me. I was looking to it and I could see an unusual glow or a special attraction to it. It was one of the amazing experience I had.

Crystals protect you - I started to keep crystals mainly to protect me. I had a sugilite crystal with me. I call him Arch Michael as I always depend on him to protect me. these were the early times of my spiritual journey. I was in my home in native with my healing research and study going on. I was working with dad and i came across something very dark in him which i needed to take out and I was not confident at all. So i decided to do in a temple the place where the vibration was high. I and my dad went to the temple and I had my arch Michael crystal in my pocket and a pendulum to check everything is gonna be ok. I did my healing and finished everything I checked dad was ok. and i felt to meditate in the temple and i sat for 15 mins did my meditation and I got up I had to bent and the crystal fell to the floor. there were some people next to me and they said there are two pieces. I saw the crystal lying and took it and said don't worry its just one piece there is nothing around and took it in my pocket and left i reached home and when i observed the crystal the crystal did break into two pieces just a bit of it. which i later knew that it did Absorb something that was dark which was affecting me and it just broke a part of it leaving the negative part. well, crystals sometimes break that doesn't mean you need to throw them they break for many reasons and still you can keep them use them and cleanse them. and they will always protect you.

Crystals are lively beings of light- when I tell this am pretty sure you guys will think will they walk will they fly in front if us. Well, I didn't know how do they do that but i can tell you yea they are pretty much active and they sometimes do it in front of you. i have seen one of my crystal disappearing for a fraction of a minute and I was confident it was there with me in my bed and I did see the crystal falling from above next to my feet it was a fraction of a second but I did see from corner of my eye that it was falling from above as if like i found it missing which I was sure and someone just kept it back when I noticed.

Crystal change shape and color - seriously.. Yea they are pretty awesome when they do it. the more you work with them you meditate with them especially with quartz as the vibration increases and you connect to a universal consciousness. the crystals do start changing colors. I had a crystal skull in quartz with inclusions. I normally check them I have never seen any colors other than it had a rainbow inclusion in a certain area. months passed and one day I was cleaning him and i saw a Blue color in one of the inclusions it had and it was bit bright when it came to the light. i was bit surprised and i thought maybe I didn't observe this in the first place. days had passed and i did keep observing its still there or not. as days passed by one day, I was checking and i found the blue have changed to Green. I had crystals that have turned to record Keepers. Record keepers have a triangle edging on any face of the crystals. I have seen crystals that split into two showing that they have identical energy which can be used individually or passed on to someone else.

Crystals choose you - yes that's true. The moment you start to know about them and you have a feeling that you want to know about them. you get opportunities to own them even you are struggling with money to get them or you don't know about them they will come to you I had many crystals which I get in bids or through someone with the lowest price that no one can imagine you will feel its come to you. some people get crystals to give to others I feel it is a gift which is something I always experience. whenever someone wants a crystal these crystal come to me a week before. or it would with me where I would not be using them in any of my activity. one of my exp was I bought an amethyst crystal skull maybe it was three weeks back and I didn't know when it was gonna arrive. At that time I was doing crystal skull attunements land teaching the basics of crystal skull and I had my colleague who one day said I need the attunement and she said she had dreams of an amethyst crystal skull and I said ok and we proposed a date of attunement in the evening time and I was about to leave my office to her home for the attunement and I see this courier coming to me I opened it and I saw the amethyst crystal skull which I had bought and I realized that it was not for me but for her and it was her attunement day. These are some nice moments you feel you are part of the whole network and when you are with love passing the spiritual knowledge to another person there is a background support that gives you the awareness that. Hey, you are not alone .. we are helping you in the background.

Crystals are lovely beings of light and they always helped me in learning and giving me so much knowledge in my spiritual journey and always been there supporting in every stage of my life.. I feel everyone should have a small. Piece of crystal and do experience they love. Yes for every individual it would be a different experience but and sure you will notice it and it will change you ...

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