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  • Sujith Kumar

Heal and Guide your loved ones with "LOVE"

Many Souls used to ask me whatever we do help or guidance for other (relatives or Friends) they always criticize and don't see how much effort you put out for them and helped. And At least they wish to get some appreciation which they don't and get emotionally involved making their personal life turmoil.

As per my understanding we cannot heal others pain that they have created without their efforts... its theirs and they also have to learn to heal and clear themselves and learn not to repeat it.. you can guide them with your gifts.. doesn't mean they will learn, Some do learn.. bless them and you have achieved your purpose through guiding them.. some they will put more pain and sorrows in the healed and cleared area.. As they still have not learned and both you and them wont be happy even after all the efforts you have taken and they may not let go of the pain they have or troubles they are undergoing and do not acknowledge the efforts you put in to help them and always criticize..

Help people if You have extra time and extra energy or else don't. Always remember this is going to take you time and effort and energy both physically and energetically And do not expect results.

And for souls who ask for help please do acknowledge the efforts and do exchange your love in a way that benefits souls who come to help you

We came here alone and we go back alone.

Every soul has taken the responsibility for their actions. And every things that around us is purely through our actions and karmic baggage's which is also through our actions.

Make sure you communicate properly. No one understands what's inside us. We ourselves are struggling to understand what our soul needs.. how can you expect others to know what's going with you. So put out your emotions your fears your understandings out. we all are different with unique ways of understanding and thinking we all have to be calm patient and give chance to understand others and bring all understandings to oneness.. There is nothing called right or wrong every one is correct as per their consciousness. As it gets matured our level of understanding also matures lets be patient

Love and Compassion

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