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  • Sujith Kumar

How to remove Pain with Love.

Call upon the divine beings whomever you believe to help you and support you.

Feel the area which is affected by the pain sense into that area feel the pain and you may also feel a throbbing sensation.

Bring in the voilet bluish light to that area cover the area of pain with bluish violet light.

Feel the pain is melting away.

Now visualize a happy moment in your life which make you feel vibrate bring that feel to your heart fill it with love feel that love turning into a pinkish light of love.

Expand that love from your heart make it more bigger and brighter bring this love to the area of pain.

Now let this pink light cover every cells of yours every organs every nerve.

Let it flow as you breath to your lungs heart.

Feel this pink light flowing inside every nerve as a blood. Flowing in your brain. Expand it like a bubble around you.

Now let this pink energy of love flow to all your loved ones neighbors let it flow to the trees, animals, rocks, mountains, water bodies, ocean feel this energy of love is spreading and covering mother earth going deep down to her core.

Come back to your heart now expand let this love expand more bigger and brighter. Visualize you are growing bigger and bigger covering the whole area with this pink energy of love.

Grow bigger than earth visualize the earth is inside your heart of love. Expand the love more. As you grow bigger each planets will start coming inside your heart of love, all the planets sun and stars. Feel the entire solar system inside your heart.

Sit with it. Let the pure love flow.

Slowly come back. See your self inside the huge ball of pink light inside you your space.

This should help you get relived from your pain and make you feel light.

Thank the divine beings who have supported you.

Stay in love. There is nothing more powerful than pure love. Spread it.

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