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  • Sujith Kumar

Khailash Yathra 2019 - Meeting Mouni Baba.

I first met Mouni baba when we where in the Nepal-China boarder. We where a group of 71 in 2 buses. After 3 days if journey we reached China boarder waiting for us to get our visa stamped to enter china for the rest if the journey. We had to wait outside for a long time. Mean while they said will take 4 hours and maybe groups had started to come it was may be 8 or 9 groups lost of people singing Bajans. Among all the people I saw a orange dress a sage sitting on the rocks in his world smiling to every one. No one was near him. But something inside me was curious to know about him to talk to him. I was watching him from bit far away for sometime and he was in his ways alone calm and sitting in the sunlight. The temperature was very cold. Soon we had formed lines for inspection and visa stamping. And then I realized he was in our group but in a separate bus. We where told to stand as per our group visa numbers and he was behind me that's the first time i spoke to him. His mother tongue is Telugu knows Hindi a bit and been in Himalayas for 19 years. His hair was all matted. Both beard and hair on head. I came to know a business man sponsors his all trips to all pilgrimages he wanted to go. Our journey began from china to Manasarovar as he was in another bus I rarely see him when we have lunch and dinner. We reached Manasarovar and we had our first glance as bus stopped and we could touch the water and fill the water bottles. The Chinese guides did tell us bathing in the lake is banned and hefty fines if caught. Many felt sad as we could not dip. I saw baba very worried and asked what happened he said 19 years I been in Himalayas and showed me his long matted hair before I go back I want this matted hair to be dipped in the Manasarovar lake which seemed impossible. I told him don't worry baba lets see shivji will show some way. We got to our bus that day was GURU POORNIMA.. we were soon to our small stay homes near to the bank of the lake. We saw many Chinese guards among them few people were taking water from the banks of lake and pouring water in top of people away from the lake that's how we can bath and was not allowed to dip in the lake. I did see Babaji standing and watching I went near him he said I wanna get dipped some how so was I. I tried to enquire weather this was possible there was a nepali guy who works for these Chinese he said its not possible. I told him about Babaji and he saw and said to me at night no one will be here so that's the only time where you can come and take a dip. The only issue is its freezing cold and the water its close to the temperature if ice. I was looking the mobile for tem0rature I could see - 2 Celsius. And I too wanted to take dip somehow all this way I came here was to take a dip. I told Babaji lets come at night after 12 and take dip. He was happy hearing this and said I will wait. It was lunar eclipse on that day. And so we had to wait till it got over Babajis room was next to mine. He came 3 times to me at night by 2 am asking for time at 4am the eclipse will get over and I said by 4:10 am we will go. Some how I wanted to fulfil his wish that's was only in my mind. At 4am it was time I called him and we walked to wards the bank I was already shivering it was so cold and on top it was raining slightly. We came to bank of the river and there was no one. it was full moon but the clouds hid the moon but her light was bright enough that we could see the water clearly. He said come lets take a dip. And I was shivering under 3 clothes on me with a sweater. I started to remove one by one soon we both got naked and started to walk to the lake. The moment I touched my first leg in water that's when I realized this is the stupidest thing I had ever in my life. My one had was with Babaji and he started to walk and my legs was going inside the muddy lake. I had to put some force as my legs out for next step as it was getting stuck in the mud . The freezing water was so cold that I could not feel my legs any more. The water soon came to my waist I said I will stay here and dip as I don't know swimming as well. Meanwhile Babaji took a dip by then. I wanted to dip but the freezing cold my whole body was shivering and my mouth already started to chatter with cold. Without thinking much with my ears and nose closed with my hand I took the first dip. I could feel each and every nerve in my body and a huge current passed up to my brains as I came up I could not breath I was gasping for breath as the freezing water made my body froze. All I wanted is to sit for time and take some breath. I started to walk back to the bank but my body was not listening to my brains if I walk forward I was walking towards left. In to the water. Some how I reached the bank and sat. As I was putting clothes I realized I sat in mud and I need to clean again. Now I could not feel my body much as its all froze in cold. I went to the lake again this time I dint feel much cold I took another dip. I told Babaji do catch my hand or else I may not may be come up. This time I went deep in the water and we came to banks soon... he was very happy thanked me a lot I couldn't put my dress properly as my whole body was shivering I wanted to speak but no words came out of my mouth. All now I wanted was a fire or a heater.. 200 meters to reach our house. I tried to walk as fast I can rain was there. And some how in 15 mins I reached to home and started rubbing my legs. I was not able to feel my legs after 1 hour of rubbing I could slowly started to feel my legs. I had many cold bites when took 3 months. Me and mouni baba became good friends a very humble person. His eyes had the fire where he can see every soul in its most purity level His hands where special it had magic in it. And I always lived hugging him. A very simple being with just love and compassion in his world in his prayers and meditation. He always sleeps on the ground. I had a crystal wand something was telling me I should give him the last day before entering to our bus I did gave him the wand he was very happy even he dint know what to do with it I told him u will figure it out. I felt to give to u. He said to me we will meet again in Kashi some day.. I do meet him once in a while in meditation. Because of him I could dip on the mansarovar lake.. Khailash journey is always a mystery and I had mine all the 10 days of the journey... Its a place where u can see everything that u believe.. how open your conscious mind is that much you can take in .. In this mystic place... My Journey Continues..

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