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  • Sujith Kumar

Merging of 3rd and 5th Dimentions

To all the pure light workers of the earth. We are at a peak times of converging two dimensions together the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension merging and ascending. This is a spectacular time for the souls who are at this time in earth to feel and witness this universal shift and most of us are here to witness and help the lost souls to make them understand or sent this beautiful light from the source to help them bring love and compassion within.

We light workers are been called at this time consciously to be together as we are the towers of the beautiful light codes that can help to strengthen the grid between all the human race and other beings in this planet. Our mother earth is ascending in this convergence and we needed to cling to our mother and not to get lost. These light codes will help like a magnet to cling to her understand her frequency and also help us vibrate higher so we understand a new essence of pureness and activate our multi dimensional being.

This shift is not gonna be easy for many of us humans as we will have to shed all our emotional baggage that we have been carrying for thousands of years. These hidden emotions of anger hatered, anxiety depression etc all gonna surface out and this energy are coming out and manifesting in different ways creating chaos in different ways. This also will triggers the elements of the earth bringing which will also start showing their voilent faces upon earth.

These are very important months.. to come together as one.. as an empath.. we are like a sponge we are knowingly or unknowingly absorbing all this chaotic emotions and clearing them this is one of the primary objective that are supposed to be done by us. We are sponge removing all the dirt and keep the light shining and same time clearing this dirt or negative energy with the help of the source energy that's always flowing through us. When we become as one the energies from different sources becomes one and stronger and higher the cleansing happens faster.

Lets all consciously come together and help this merging to be easier specially on this coming eclipse are gonna increase the intensity let put together our prayers our light strengths our star lights together as one and put a beautiful energetic shield through out the world send this light to all over the major places and the grids and pyramids all over the world on the coming lunar and solar eclipse specially .... till July 8th. A new era is gonna born lets witness it with lots of love and compassion in our hearts..

Many of us will be feeling very emotionally fatigue or tired at this time. Make sure you are always in a space of Zen and bring in the light codes and visualize its cleansing you all the time. Be in an energetic pyramid and always activate this golden pyramid around you and connect to the source or to your galactic star cores.

With lots of love and light

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