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Message from Goddesses Durga

Message from Durga 8th Dec 2020

If you have a pain or emotion that someone is giving, we normally try to heal ourself and let it go, we dont care about the other end where the pain is coming from and what causes that person to sent a part of their emotional pain to us.. everything is always interconnected with us through us and with the energetic universe.. what you need to understand is that the reason the pain is coming to you through that person is because you are able to help the other person. Sometimes we choose to overlook this because the 3D emotion is so painful that we really don’t want to deal with the other person. To remove your pain, you need to first heal the other person energetically, otherwise that pattern comes back to you again. So bring love from your heart and cover that person with this beautiful ball of light as a shield and then start removing the cords that attach you to that person. First, heal that person, then you can heal yourself. Then that emotion will be completely out. “Hurting people, hurt people”. A person who is hurting will hurt others, because that person is trying to take out that emotion on someone who is close to them. Sometimes this is hard to understand why and it makes things more complicated. Bring them heart love and through whatever you know help that soul to come out of their pain. Especially at this time where Saturn and Jupiter are coming closer, it’s all about karmic relationships, karma from past lives. By doing this, we can be free from our karmic debts. Especially at this time, it’s like an offer being given to humanity to be free from karmic debt. This conjunction is going to bring that. If you look at the earth’s core, she is trying to heal herself through the same process.

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