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  • Sujith Kumar

Crystal Skull Grid Vortexes

Hai guys how are you all doing...

I have been working on my crystal Skull grids and i had invited couple of people to meditate on my grid and it was wonderful experiences when we could connect to different realms and beings of light and much more...

I was amazed like how is it possible to connect to the network of energies so i have been reading in this and doing my small research on the connections and i got some nice information to share..

Our earth has crystalline energies which means all crystals rocks mountains nature it self with humans are connected with a network of energies inter connected well to be much easier its like

Our internet only difference us here u don't need passwords but u need to give love from your heart to tap into higher energies.😊.

When we work with a crystal skull they create a energy system which is like a vortex with both clock wise and anti clock wise energies means like receiving and sending energies to the universe and we start tapping it by going into meditations once a vortex is created it becomes stronger how we use it.. means how frequent we use it and how much high the energies come and how much deep we tap into. Some times the vortex we create with a person need not be the same with another person its because as the energies are not stable and new they may just vanish and we make another and each time we connect to different network and we get new ways and new information and new understandings with new gifts..

As per my understanding through different people i feel to create a permanent vortex there should be some basic points that have to be followed and while writing this i got something that i have noticed in my life time which i will share later.

These are some points as per jaap van ettan to make permanent crystalline vortex which i would like to share..

💀 Meditate with your crystal or crystal skulls on a regular basis.

💀 Do meditation in a fixed place it can be in your room or outside or it can be made as a altar also.

💀 After the meditation make sure you place your crystal skull in the same place or a crystal so that the energies that where called in will be anchored.

💀 Use these vortexes for your crystal skull activation's which will increase the frequency and power of these vortexes and its possible that these vortexes can increase the energies and connects to higher dimensions of higher frequencies of grids.

💀 Bring more people to meditate on these grids so that these vortexes bring more energies in and stabilize the vortex faster and also the vortex will hold different and larger diversity of energies more than one can create and also create a powerful contribution to the crystalline grids and more opportunities to connect with other grids.

💀 Remember always you are responsible for the quality of the vortex you are taking care of. work or connect with the vortex only from a place of love and ask others to do the same.

💀 This is something experienced by me adding different lights and sounds to create the vibrations higher and even we where told by the higher beings of light to use prism and they refract different colors of light each having different frequencies which helps in connecting to higher level of vibrations. sounds can be mantras music of 432 Hz frequency that can radiate to ours and crystals vibration to another level.

vortexes become permanent how much times you work with you skulls on these vortexes and how much work you do with you heart meditation or healing activities. if working alone if you meditate 3 or 4 times a week the vortex can be come permanent in about 6 to 8 weeks..

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