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  • Sujith Kumar

Our Uniqness Is The Best.

Many people feels that why am I not getting things correct like others do. Why am I not being able to be like them successful even I have more knowledge or experience than them. Why does the universe test me. This makes them upset and sometimes our emotions controls our mind bringing the negative aspects that's hidden inside us. And unknowingly lashing it out.. And creating a turmoil in our life's and bringing our ego up. Allowing not to compromise our thoughts and to understand our inner self..

Universe always wants us to understand our negative side and keeps triggering till you master it and no longer be a slave to that side pulling u down. Once u master.. the pattern changes to a higher understanding and new opportunities in life.

YES.. many do take that risk and start again from the beginning with adding that pinch of mastery they missed which is Love ,Compassion and Appreciating Others efforts and these are the some Enlighted souls who work without even showing it to the outside world.. with the highest soul level connecting with divine understandings who knows how exactly universe works because they knows the secrets of universe and one of them are observe and learn from others and bring new understandings, Experience and get prepared for the exact time that's universe has prepared for you with patience. Use this time to bloom up your uniqueness "REST IS MAGIC".

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