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  • Sujith Kumar

Spiritual Challenges in Awakening stages

What do you do when every fiber of your being is ascending, yet I have a husband who doesn’t entertain the idea of waking up & we have 3 small children. Also, my dear mom who is very set in her ways. I’m teaching our kids about it, little by little. But- I feel like I get sucked back into 3D~ the only reality I have perceived here and now. I feel my vibration raising and I meditate, ascending into that 5th dimensional state of being, then something negative/stressful occurs in my household and I’m back to square one. It’s a challenge and I have no idea how to handle this particular situation.

Spiritual path is not just we growing. We set an example to others as well. We have already choose this path this situation in a soul level and here to execute it. This hard ships of life is for us to experience learn with patience and deal it with lots of love and forgiveness and raise up our frequencies. As you raise up with lots of efforts through spiritual ways u will set an example to others as well and as you grow many will follow u and you can also help others by your experience. Jesus, buddha too did the same so is many others in different cultures they dint become ascended master in a day they had to go through lots of pain and sacrifice. Love and forgiveness in the key. Love is a vibration, when u do it with heart it vibrates your surrounding and get it manifested. Love yourself love your soul missions and start thinking in a different way. This is how it has to be. Every one has a unique journey and has a free will to learn or not its a choice if we move as per our life goals all goes smooth or else the pattern repeats until we surrender and understand. Our Energies comes from our solar system planets as per our birth time and as per our agreed soul life missions. Ups and downs is a part of our life. That's how we awaken. All the people around us has choose to be a part of our journey so you learn from them and they learn from us of course again its a choice we have a free will Every moments are interconnected all works in hand to hand. Humans awaken when they suffer. Its the way universe is trying to tell us more work is needed until we come out with flying colors and set high vibrations. And serve and help others.


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