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  • Sujith Kumar

What are dimensions. How many of them are there. How can I open dimensions and connect to them.

Dimensions are doors in a an inter-galactic energetic portal. Its like a door that's been locked with a key. Here the key is your consciousness and the vibration that you emit is the passcode. As you travel with your consciousness at a particular time and you can open the doors with your vibration. you open up an energetic understanding of wisdom and knowledge that's been provided by that space which can be called as dimension. There are billions of portals in this universe. We live in a specific belt of energies in our solar system. Each time certain interdimensional portal opens. when cores of the planets and stars and their suns align in a certain combinations that leads to different energetic gateways. I call them subways. Each subways has 1000s of different portals that leads to different spaces around the universe. Many of us had been travelling and has been travelled with their guides for special missions and understandings. If you have a very high energetic vibration then you open a dimension which has a very high frequency space which has lots of positive vibes. And certain doors can only be opened by a certain energetic frequencies thats have been gifted because of the services that you have done towards the universe through the planet that you live in. Many gurus or highly elevated conscious beings open these doors and channel energies to the universe and to beings. Some call then as star light languages etc. Every individual can open these doors and are able to explore and understand as we open our conscious mind to more understanding with the universe we will align to these inter galactic portals leading us to different dimensions or also known as light source or god consciousness or adobe of gods.. As per my understandings doing these travels with many beings what i have understood is We humans are time keepers or star loggers or portal openers we can call ourselves in different ways which means we are here to observe the portals that open in every astronomical points that happen in a day and travel and explore and log in in our DNA and we pass it on to our coming generations. Our ancestors knowingly and unknowingly have done this same works which is inside our DNA. And hope fully soon some day we will be able to bring this information's for a better understanding.

So if we are able to move through time and space and be in certain called dimensions. So is other beings who come in our space for exploring and understanding. Many of the trips just happens as these portals that open through certain conjunctions of core energies are sudden.

Some times even with high vibration if we have any kind of a negative emotional thoughts we may end up in a lower dimension. Which is really not a good space. Do come back. And make sure you cleanse yourself and start to travel again. I would suggest to travel with a group of 4 ir 5 people or with a team who do travelling in groups and understand and then understand the very basics. By the way we all do it in sleep through subconscious mind. Specially we sleep at night this is a time where out body relax and we travel and we do open certain portals in a subconscious level its because we have the memories of our past and most of us and also through our ancestral lineage in our DNA have certain knowledge and gifts about it. So do make sure when ever you sleep do meditate for 5 mins or any kind of a prayer that can make your self vibrate positively. Or even thoughts of positiveness before bed or even if you do any kind of meditations.

Keep our hearts pure. With unconditional love.. Keep opening these doors bring the pure energetic light to the world and let us shine with the eternity of pure bliss. And do Star logging that's one of our main objective being here.

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