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  • Sujith Kumar

What spiritual teachers would you suggest to someone just beginning their journey to awakening?

The best spiritual teachers are your self. Of course you can take guide lines from others but Follow and trust your heart and intuitions both work parallel. There is nothing called right or wrong ways in spirituality do everything for the highest good from your heart. And universe will start to download knowledge. Start listening to the nature, sky, stars, sun. Listen to your body. Start listening to your pains Ask why am I sufferings from this pain. Go deep inside you, listen your mind silently. Meditate to make mind silent so that u can start to hear feel or understand. Sometimes you may need break from outside world whatever comes to your mind trust it and do it with faith and devotion and serve all the beings around you with love. Every where u will see the sign. As you follow... you will get blessed souls to help you. Spiritual path has lots of tests.. you need help from groups of people that vibrate higher. To attract the group first work on yourself through love and compassion that's the secret to raise your vibration and as you raise vibration you meet groups with the highest thoughts of expansion. you get spiritual masters from this plane and also from the highest dimension. Just be patient.. every one has a unique journey so don't compare others. Just flow. The moment you start flowing awesomeness happens. which is, trust me its pure magic. Enjoy your blessed journey

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