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  • Sujith Kumar

Negative Energies and Manifestation..

Some people ask me what do you really mean by negative can i know if i have a negative energy.. how will i feel it... how does it look like.

Well😊.. it needs bit practice to identify but its easy.. if you can know your true self then its easy to identify the changes happen in your behaviors in your emotions in your mood patterns..

what is negative energies... it has many names given in different parts of the world in different forms and variety's.. the effect well its almost the same i believe.. some say it as the evil eye, black magic, curse, spells etc..

these energies come intentionally and unintentionally.

so how does it react when it comes to us why are we so scared of such energies.. is it because we are not strong to prevent it or that we don't know what it will do..

well this is what i know about negative energies its a simple form that creates a fear or confusion on in our physical reality.. we are surrounded by many human negative emotions like fear, ego, jealousy, etc.. and its very easy to fall in it specially if we are very sensitive it blends with us unknowingly and slowly triggers our weak emotion for some it will be relationships, for some it will be financial securities, and the list goes on.

one example is the fear to loose the job. one day suddenly i feel that i will loose my job maybe you heard about it from a friend he might have lost the job and then you start thinking will i loose my job. everything was fine and suddenly you feel this wave of energy of fear and you start to think a lot of the issues that happens if the job is gone.

Now, this where the trick happens you start manifesting a negative energy. The negative energy just triggered you and you were so weak to understand and it started to create a fear inside you and your thoughts of that fear started to manifest in a negative way and the surrounding starts to blend with your negative thoughts making it into reality. Well, i say if you did lose something it's you who is responsible and its because of the thought-

that controlled you. If you have the belief that what has happened is an opportunity for a better one there you create a positive thought and you manifesting a better opportunity and the energies of your positiveness create an atmosphere around you attracting good opportunities and good relations helping you to manifest your positive thoughts.

These are some methods that i use when i feel negative energies have controlled my thoughts. we live in a world of opposites mmmm like …happiness - worries, brave - fear, love - hate.. and it goes on. whatever you think it has a good and the opposite is the bad. this is all over the world and it has been from the start the battle between LIGHT and the DARK. So whenever you feel a bad thought in your mind always remember to convert that thought into positive.

How to do it -

- Think about a good situation that is opposite to the fear you have.

- Visualize about a positive situation the place and your needs in it.

- Write on a paper for many times so that you become confident and the fear goes away.

- Chant a positive affirmation for 3 or 4 mins for 3 times a day.

- Meditation helps to calm your mind help the fear move away.

- Do something that always makes you feel happy like go for a movie, Good Dinner, A walk in the park.

- Music is the best and easiest way to forget any worries and bring our vibration up so hear your favorite songs whenever you feel down.

These are some of the things you can do yourself well its not an easy task but i want you to try it and bring an effort and you can see changes really quickly depending on how strong is your manifestation and how pure your thoughts are from your hearts.

It's all about creating a self-realization inside you. The magic inside you that was sleeping deep inside you and everyone is unique who carries the different essence of energy and vibration so is their creativeness. That helps you to fight these negative energies and bring Love and Light to this Earth Plane to fill with Peace and Happiness.


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