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Who would love to have a astral Experience Connecting to feel Suns Heart...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

As a special Suns Transit happening today in the star of LEO . SGH Team Would love to share and take you to an astral experience to the Suns heart for those who are ready to Experience. With the blessings of the Sun He had told me to sent this out.

Read it.. feel our energy we will be with u guiding into your heart and after reading close your eyes and visualize it.

"Om Suryayah Namaha"

Relax couple of deep breaths feel relaxed. Call upon your guides, angelic being, gods to bless you with this journey. Visualize a golden light in your heart by thinking of a moment in your life that makes u happy and bring that moment as a golden light in your heart. Now visualize roots growing from your legs going to the earths core same like plants and trees. this is to sent gratitude and love to earth to help us in this beautiful journey. Now lets bring the 5 elements in visualize Fire Water Air Spirit And Earth energies combining together as a ball of white light and moving around your body from legs moving though your spine and flowing to your head and this light be in your Third eye. We are combining our energy with your creating a beautiful 4 sided pyramid. As we combine our energies this pyramid starts to get activated as a golden pyramid and starts to spin lifting us all together and we are flying through time and space. As we fly our focus is to go ad feel the suns core energy. As we fly nearer to the sun we can see his blazing lovely rays of light hitting us. Now we are close to the sun send your love from your heart to him as a token gratitude. Feel the Golden light from your heart flowing from your heart to the sun. As the Energy touches to the sun he will open a portal. And you can see the core of the sun his heart. Enter to the portal. its very much cold there. and you can see a orb of lights shining. As you reach near to the orb of light open your palm hands and touch the core. Feel the core energy moving through your hands in your heart flowing through out your body. Feel the emotion, Feel the texture, Feel the temperature. Just sit in that space for some time taking in his pure love for your growth. Once you are done Thank him. And slowly feel you are spinning back to earth in the pyramid back to your body. Thank your guides, and mother earth for supporting this beautiful Journey. Note: People who are really connected will see him in a Chariot of Horses. Happy Travels

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