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  • Sujith Kumar

Why are we starseeds here in earth. What's our mission.

Most of our souls have come from the stars. Some of us have been from very ancient times from atlantis, Lemurians greeks, egypt so on. Most of us have been in all these civilisations. Many of them are new souls that has come from the stars recently to assist in the ascension of mother earth.

Why earth is so special, why have we suited up for this mission is it just ascension or any other missions.

As per my channelings all this years these are some things that i have understood purely from my consciousness.

One of the main mission for us is to bring knowledge and wisdom to our star system from where we are and so we have been sent to different solar systems like earth where there are lots of other consciousness from different star systems.

Every soul has a star light a star gaze that is with us from our star system its a connection, an antenna that works from the birth stars to us. Only at a certain time intervals these portals are opened and certain star souls can come to earth so as to other planets or stars in our universe. Once the soul births in earth these souls are been observed by these star communities. As we don't have any memories specially in a dense 3Dimentional planet the truth and missions has been already forgotten. So only the incoming is been received which we can only understand if we can go deep inside us in silence. And once we understand and open the communication with them it becomes a 2 ways and we get help from our star brothers and sisters to help to finish this life mission without difficulties.

Many of the star seeds feels lonely because we don't have this 2 way communications. Once we have this 2 way system active we become a part of the universal consciousness and we become more than a human which i call as a "Multi Dimensional Being"

We are the towers from our star system its like a mission to moon or mars we came to this planet to put energy frequency of your star so that they can gain access to this planet to learn study and research. Whenever we meet a different consciousness being we interact with them through emotions we are actually studying and researching about their star frequency trying to learn and adapt their wisdom and knowledge. Which our star brothers and sisters observe from their star home land. In certain soul times we have been given certain roles in certain cultures, places to study and learn about different ways and methods and if we go through all this in an understanding way this becomes meaningful and complete. Our cells contains all the memories that we have been through all this life not just earth souls but also galactic souls times. Our consciousness and memories are very powerful if we can recall them. For that we need to go deep inside the passcode to activate these memories are Love and Compassion. This will help us to remove our baggage's that we have been carrying and become pure and as the energetic lines are cleared we open inner energetic cores we call as kundalini energy that connects to our higher consciousness which helps to connect not just our star system but to understand other higher levels of dimensions and interact. Every solar system has certain stars that are very close and active one of our main missions are to connect these star systems and also understand and bring wisdom from these beings as well. When ever we interact with any one in this earth always shine our star gaze or star light to these beings these star gaze of love not only helps other beings to get healed but also their star gaze helps us to get healed and understand many things that's helps us our star systems. Each foot steps that you keep on earth you are also sending star energy to earth these light codes are your star foot prints that also helping mother earth to ascend and also help her with the wisdom you bring from your stars. My conclusion is MAKE YOUR STAR FAMILY PROUD, MAKE YOUR MISSION SUCESSFUL, BRING AS MANY ENERGY LIGHT WISDOM TO THIS PLANET AND LET ALL THIS LIGHT ENERGY GET INTERWOVEN AND MAKE A BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY TO THE UNIVERSE.. IF HEARTS ARE LOYAL DISTANCE DOSENT MATTER AT ALL...

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